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We Provide Quality Iron Gate Service

Have you secured your home? If not, get the ideal iron gate for your property! Strictly Iron is a gate service provider that specializes in making iron gates. We have been running in Las Vegas, NV since 1996 for the following reasons.

Cost-effective project

Are you one of those people who are concerned about the cost of the gate installation? You don’t need to worry about it. You’re not alone. Strictly Iron feels your dilemma. Hoping to lower your burden, we partnered with competent iron suppliers and redesigned our business operations to give you a cost-effective project.

Assure that our promising promotions and comprehensive new gate solutions will help you save money! We can do that using direct and indirect approaches.

Quality work 

Whether we’re installing or repairing gates, we always start the project with careful planning. To ensure that we’ll be able to finish the job without delays, we’ll organize everything days before the appointed project time. If we need to conduct a site inspection just to collect all the relevant pieces of information we need, we’ll do that.

Our well-thought game plans are what allow us to efficiently deliver outstanding results on time. As professionals with pride, we hate taking shortcuts nor do things half-heartedly. Although we’re extremely careful not to make this happen, if we need to redo everything at our own expense just to make up for our failures, we’re willing to do that. That’s how much we love our work and the reason why we continue to exist for decades.

Fine designs

Our iron gate specialists are very artistic. To continue making attractive ironworks, we look for ways to enhance our skills. To top that, we also keep ourselves updated with trendy designs that are popular with commercial and residential customers.

If you’re looking for a quality iron gate service in Las Vegas, NV we’re just a phone call away. Talk to Strictly Iron at (702) 576-2239 today to enjoy fantastic service at a cheap price.

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