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3 Wood Fence Maintenance Tips From a Fencing Expert

Maintaining a Durable Wood Fence

If you opt for a standard wooden fence, be prepared to put a little more maintenance work into it than with vinyl. Many wooden fences are susceptible to rot, insect damage, discoloration, and other signs of wear and tear. However, using a high-quality wood like cedar can make a significant difference in your fence’s longevity and ease of maintenance. Pressure treatment also diffuses the wood with properties that resist insect damage and wood decay for decades.

To ensure that your fencing remains durable and looks good all year round, follow these wood fence maintenance tips:

Stain your fence after installation

You can minimize damage from rot by applying wood stains after installation. First, clean the fence thoroughly and allow it to dry for 1-2 days. Then use a brush, roller, or spray rig to apply coats of stain as necessary every 12 hours. Make sure that the humidity is below 30 percent and the temperature is between 10-32 degrees Celsius when you apply the stain.

Paint your fence to extend its life

Painting your fence will also extend its life. This is a cheaper alternative to staining. However, bear in mind that paint will crack and peel so it will require touching up from time to time. You can paint using a brush, roller, or sprayer as long as the humidity is low and the temperature is above 10-degrees Celsius. When doing touch-ups, sand each trouble spot first so that the paint is applied smoothly.

Reseal your fence for additional protection

Another good step for maintaining your wooden fence is to apply a sealer using a spray rig after you have stained or painted it. With a typical weather characteristic, you don’t have to reseal your fence as often as in rainy areas. Keep any pets indoors until it dries to keep sealer off their fur.

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