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by Ron W. on Strictly Iron

After a few of the stores down the street were broken into, I decided to take some measures in order to protect my business. This is why, I decided to look for someone who could install durable security bars and found your company. Your specialists did a swift and professional job, thank you very much. Thanks!

by Sarah H. on Strictly Iron

My teen daughter had a habit of sneaking out at night and hanging out with her friends, past her curfew. So, as a part of her grounding, I decided to hire a specialist who could install security bars on her window. It was more than effective, thank you for helping me teach my teen daughter a lesson!

by Trevor W. on Strictly Iron

My neighbor got drunk and decided to trash my yard fence with his jeep. After the police took care of the perpetrator, I started looking for a fence contractor that could help me out with the situation. After you were done with your services, the result was absolutely amazing - it was like nothing had happened at all!

by Jim G. on Strictly Iron

For a while now, I have noticed that the fence behind my shop was quite flimsy. It was more than ten years old, and I could see that its base was damaged. Finding a professional fence contractor became a priority for me, and after a short while, the name of your company came up. Thank you for fixing my store's fence!

by Sam T. on Strictly Iron

The fence around my house was heavily damaged the last time it was raining. It was more than clear that I needed someone who had qualification and experience in installing new fences, and this is how I came across your company. Your results were truly outstanding, I will recommend you to my neighbors!

by Justin H. on Strictly Iron

My property had a very old fence that became worse with each passing year. Because a lot of stray dogs and animals found their way inside my property, I started looking for a fence professional. My brother gave me the idea to look for a specialist on the Internet, and this is how I came across your company. You performed an incredible job, thank you very much!

by Sam H on Strictly Iron

My mother was having trouble with her front door, so I decided to visit her and see what was going on. It seemed that the door was in very bad shape, and it needed to be replaced with the frame completely. After starting to look for a business that installed security doors, a friend of mine gave me your Internet page. My mother and I were very impressed with your results, thank you very much!

by Timoty G. on Strictly Iron

A few months ago, there was a burglary case a few houses down. I decided that it was time to install new security doors, and set out on a search for a company that could help me. Your business came highly recommended, and I decided to call you. Your experts were swift, efficient and very courteous! Thank you!

by Ruth L. on Strictly Iron

I bought a house which was in need of serious remodeling. After I was done with almost everything, I realized that that the security gates had to be replaced, because years of rust have eaten through most of it. I asked a friend if he knew of a company that specialized in making iron gates, and he gave me your details. Thank you for reacting so swiftly, you guys did an amazing job!

by Carry B. on Strictly Iron

My construction company was finishing a large estate for a client who wanted to have a large iron gate at the entrance. I started looking for a company that created custom security gates, and this is how we found you. I must say that your results are impressive! We will definitely work again in the future!

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