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Welcome to our website! We are Strictly Iron – your destination for custom iron works and security doors in Las Vegas, NV. Our company has been proudly serving the community since 1996, providing the most professional custom iron gates, fences and security bars in the area. We are a fully licensed company that serves both residential and commercial customers – and we have earned the trust and respect of countless clients for the years that we've been around. No job is too big or too small for us! If your home or business needs a custom iron works or high quality security gates, do not hesitate to contact us!

From security bars to fences our products are the one to trust to! Strictly Iron

The safety of your home is something you should not make compromises with. Our iron gate service providers can supply you with first grade security doors and security bars to enhance the safety of your home or business. The doors we offer come in various sizes and colors – there will surely be a design that will suit you and your needs. Of course, there is always the option of ordering a custom door. We will make sure the product you receive is up to your specifications and of the highest quality. Our team is especially adept at everything concerning iron works – we are capable of pulling off even the most complex designs. The protection our doors provide is outstanding – they are firm, sturdy and damage-resistant. Choose us and you will get the customer treatment you deserve!

Security bars are installed on windows to prevent break-ins. Strictly Iron knows how to make bars that are both impregnable and good-looking. The color and design choices are only as limited as your imagination is! We are able to create custom bars that will add that extra charm to the look of your house – while increasing the safety levels significantly. Make your house a secure place to live by ordering our products!

Our proficiency in custom iron products is not limited to security gates and bars. Our fence contractors excels at building magnificent gates for our customers. We can create gates of any shape and size - the design and color is entirely up to you! Our gates are sturdy and solid, enhancing the security of your home and providing a great visual effect.

by Ron W. on Strictly Iron

After a few of the stores down the street were broken into, I decided to take some measures in order to protect my business. This is why, I decided to look for someone who could install durable security bars and found your company. Your specialists did a swift and professional job, thank you very much. Thanks!

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If you need a high quality fence, we can create one for you according to your specifications! Protect your house or business with our help – a custom fence made by us is guaranteed to be both visually attractive and able to protect your property. The prices that we charge for our products are competitive and affordable. Make use of our workmanship and skill in iron works and reap the benefits.

Strictly Iron is dedicated to providing a high quality iron gate service and leaving our customers in Las Vegas, NV completely satisfied with our work. By working with us, you are working with the most experienced and professional fence contractors in the area. We can forge anything for you – from fences and bars to entire gates. Work with us and we will make your house or business more secure and more visually attractive. Contact us now at (702) 576-2239!

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